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Loading And Offloading

The requirements of transportation cannot be denied for industrial purpose. In fact, this demand is increasing day by day as the numbers of the startup are increasing in every field. Being one of the rapidly evolving logistic companies, BALSONS HEAVY LIFT & SHIFT has the most hi-tech and advanced tools for loading of heavy cargo. We are highly appreciated and admired by our clients as we keep no stone unturned and give 100% on the site.We have the industry’s best professionals who provide the solution for the transportation of different heavy pieces of machinery and equipment.

With proper engineering solutions for loading and offloading of oversized project cargos, we can load or offload heavy cargo up to 1000 tons. We also assist in packaging so that clients can save the time as well as rest worry-free.

Our cargo loading and unloading services are not only pocket-friendly but also very rapid so the other party can get the delivery in the given time frame. Here are the best points of our loading and offloading cargo services that make us different from other industry players:

  • The easiest technique is used to load and unload the cargo which saves the time.
  • The cost charged is very competitive and worth of every penny.
  • Safety is an integrated part of our service. So, we ensure that there is no damage to the cargo while loading and unloading it.
  • We have the qualified team that takes care of each and every process from loading cargo at departing place to unloading cargo at the destination place.
  • Cargos that demand special care or vulnerable to damage are packaged very well in order to reduce the chances of loss.
  • The requirements of the clients are considered very well and incorporated while implementing the work. It leads to the maximum satisfaction of the clients.

Manually loading offloading of heavy cargo is a very tough task, still, we do it for our clients. Client satisfaction is the most prominent part of our utmost services. Without it, any service that we provide is incomplete. We have the special technique for handling heavy cargo manually where crane cannot access or unavailable.

Loading as well as offloading of heavy cargo is done with the crane or without crane as per the demand of the circumstances. Our engineers are good enough in observing the situation and taking the decision accordingly. So, we work with the crane to make the process easier while we do loading and offloading work manually where the crane cannot be fit into.

For the different services, we have different price mechanism. Pick the jumbo packages of the cargo services and let your worries keep aside! Clients, who are required to take these services, may ask any query online or search the prices of each service online at our official web platform. Our people are available round clock-wise anytime. It is very easy to reach us and avail the services. So, find your requirements and give us chance to serve you!