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Internal Shifting (Manually)

Just imagine what is going to happen if you a heavy cargo which is not accessible by crane or any other equipment picker! It is absolutely upsetting your mood and worries will start ruling your mind. But don’t worry; there are various companies which provide solutions to such problems. BALSONS HEAVY LIFT AND SHIFT is renowned as the best domestic internal shifting company. With us, goods and machinery shifting work are done by skilled personnel. In order to cater more and more customers, our skilled professionals are available to answer the queries of people before providing any shifting or relocating services.

We charge only for the services availed by clients and don’t charge a single penny for the consultancy. Here are the key statements that make BALSONS HEAVY LIFT AND SHIFT company different from other industry players:

  • We mostly use cranes for shifting and transporting internal machines. We ensure no lack of efficiency along with the fastest possible working mechanism.
  • Relocating of heavy machinery manually or with crane is possible with our upper men powers. Our human resources are trained frequently by holding training programs.
  • Along with the internal shifting, we also provide the services of loading, unloading, and installation of various machines if requested by our clients.
  • Dragging and skidding are part of our internal shifting services. It is included in the package of internal shifting services only.
  • Our people take proper care of all equipment and machinery for getting their work done without any damage.
  • The cost of our services is separately quoted for each and every service. Though clients can avail such services on contract labour basis too. Whatever we charge is not only competitive but also pocket-friendly.
  • We are readily available at any point of time to serve people with our innovative ideas of relocating along with the advanced technology. We also provide movers and packers on the demand of customers.

Apart from the above, the best point is we keep all things together and integrated to make customer happy and fully satisfied. Along with this, the aspects of health, safety, environment, and personnel are not neglected at any cost. The location or the site plays a vital role in determining the working procedure of the shifting. There are various places where a crane is very big to insert. So, we help clients with some manual shifting ideas.

Relocating of heavy machinery with crane or manually is available on project to project hiring basis. Many times, various difficulties are faced by crane driver for accessing cargo from unloading point to erection point. So, we ensure the best possible ways and provide manually shifting of heavy cargo at any place with our special equipment and skilled manpower.

Though there are very few chances of getting damage to your cargo or loaded material, still in the adverse case, we follow the safest policy by insuring each and every cargo. If any damages take place, we compensate the price to the clients. Rest assured, your cargo is safe in hands of our people!